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Rhodes Airport Transfers



Paul Grace
Paul Grace
Never been to Rhodes before. Found Rhodes Islander via the internet, seemed okay - so booked transfers. AMAZED - we had an email the day before flying telling us of a 24 hour Greek air control strike (that we had not been told about here in the UK) and THAT information allowed us to quickly check/rearrange our plans to the following day. AND the driver was there waiting and clearly visible (we had a great conversation the entire journey) AND the driver took responsibility for a slight change to our return transfer pick-up time (impressed!). And then (halfway through our holiday) we received bad news from home and had to fly back the same day. Not only did we get a refund for the original return transfer (BIG THANKS) but because they were fully booked that day, they arranged (at no cost to us) for another transfer company to take us to the airport! At every level: ease of booking, value for money, delivering what they promise AND going that extra mile with integrity and compassion - this company is one we have "favourited" for the future. Thank you so much Rhodes Islander!
Anna Petke
Anna Petke
Sehr professioneller und preiswerter Transfer. Netter und pünktlicher Fahrer.
Leonie Hemesath
Leonie Hemesath
I've booked a ride at the beach and a ride in the forest. It was really unforgettable! Totally lovely people and beautiful, large and healthy horses. We trotted and galloped a lot. The horse farm is absolutly recommended!
Cory Notrica
Cory Notrica
We used Rhodes Islander for a horseback ride on the beach in Ialysos. This is a truly unique ride on the beach. As you take the ride down the rock beach, you have a full panoramic view of Turkey about 14 miles away. If the water is warm and the horses are willing, you may get a splash or two. The guide will pace you based on your riding abilities (the lowest level of the group). Knowing that Toli also manages other fun experiences Ike this, I would absolutely go do other things with him. If you have the chance to book this experience, you should go.

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Book your Rhodes Airport transfer in 2 simple steps

How it WORKS

Rhodes Airport transfers


Search, Find your preferred transfer from or to Rhodes Airport or Rhodes PORT. Reserve your trip in 2 easy steps .

Enter your pick up and drop off point –  transfer date and time – chose your vehicle and a payment method – PAY online  or Pay to the Driver, by credit card or cash.

You will then instantly receive your booking confirmation.

Rhodes Airport transfers        Get the Best Price by BOOKING online 

Rhodes Airport transfers

Arrival at Rhodes AIRPORT


We offer FREE ”Meet and Greet” service. Our drivers will be waiting at the arrivals gate with your name, the passenger’s name or company name. All of our drivers are professionals and speak English. 

Although our drivers WILL be at the Rhodes Airport, to complete the transfer we recommend switching on your phone to ease the communication. 



All of our drivers use flight tracking systems and they will wait for you for one hour since you landed. So we offer peace of mind and plenty of time to go through customs and collect your baggage.

Our driver will wait for you at the hall ready to meet you.

We offer the best service for your Rhodes Airport Transfer at the best price.  


Rhodes Airport transfers    We operate one of the Largest Fleets on the island offering brand new vehicles and professional drivers so we can offer the best price and quality for your Rhodes Airport transfers.

Rhodes Airport transfers      We work together with the most reputable Airport transfers providers in the world. Now we offer the chance to Book direct your Rhodes Airport transfer in order to avoid high third party commissions.

Rhodes airport transfers      We offer the Best Rates and there is NO need for Pre-Payment. Offering Free Baby Seats and FREE CANCELLATION, we guarantee peace of mind for your Rhodes Airport transfer. 

rhodes transfers    Our drivers will wait for you. Instead of you waiting the taxi rank or a last minute taxi in Rhodes Airport our drivers will meet you and greet you.

24/7 customer serivce      We are here 24/7 for you before and after your trip. Contact us on WhatsApp, Viber or Phone. Happy to assist you with your Rhodes transfer. Find more About us.


Rhodes Airport transfers

Bus in Rhodes

Bus Transfers in Rhodes

Is there direct bus from Rhodes Airport to Faliraki?

There is no direct bus from Airport to Faliraki. You will have to take the bus to Rhodes town and from there a new bus to Faliraki. Best way to get to Faliraki is to book online with Rhodes Airport Taxi.

Is there a bus from Rhodes Airport to Lindos?

No, there is no bus from Rhodes airport directly to Lindos. You will have to get the bus to Rhodes town and then switch to the bus to Lindos. None of the above choices are direct. You will have to pre book with a private company a shuttle bus to Lindos before your arrival. Prices vary depending on the company. Alternatively you can pre book a private transfer with Rhodes Airport Taxi.

Are there direct buses from Rhodes airport to Rhodes town?

Yes. There is only one bus line from Rhodes airport to Rhodes town. You can only buy the tickets at the airport, or on the bus. There are busses every 30mins but there are high chances that it will be over crowded or there will be no space on the bus.

How much is the bus from Rhodes airport to Rhodes town?

Price is 2.60 euros for an adult ticket and 1.3 for children tickets. They will no charge for luggage. Total time to arrive in Rhodes town varies depending on the season, hour and traffic.

Where do I get the bus from?

The bus stop at Rhodes airport for the bus line Rhodes airport – Paradisi is located in between the arrival and departure terminal. After exiting the arrivals’ hall turn left. There are signs and everyone from the staff and locals will assist you finding the bus stop.

Where I can find details about the bus at Rhodes Airport?

Find more details on Rhodes city site website.  

Is there a direct bus to Kiotari from Rhodes Airport?

No, there are no direct public buses to Kiotari. You will have to pre book a shuttle bus with a private company. Alternatively you can book your private transfer with Rhodes Airport Taxi online and save money and time.

How much does it cost the bus from Rhodes airport to Faliraki?

Rhodes Airport transfers

Taxis Rhodes Airport

Taxis Rhodes Airport

Where do I find Taxis at Rhodes Airport ?

There are taxis just front of the arrivals gate. Most of the times there is available taxis however during the summer season you may have to wait at the queue, for the next available. It is highly advisable to pre book your transfer in order to avoid the long waiting times. Taxis usually have fixed prices from Rhodes airport and drivers will use them instead the taximeter. Additional charges apply, such us luggage fees, airport fees, night rates etc. 

Are taxis cheap in Rhodes?

Standard taxis will not offer wheelchair accessibility or wheelchair ramps. At Rhodes Airport Taxi we use station wagons and mini vans and mini buses, where you can fold and store the wheelchair, for free but you will not be able to stay in your chair for the journey. However we can direct to a specialists depending on the mobility issue. So feel free to contact us.

  1. If you don’t wish to pre book, then try to remember the taxi’s number as it is common to forget an item. Several companies operate on the island so it will be hard to locate the missing item.
  2. If you hail a taxi from the street try to have small change as most drivers won’t keep notes larger than 20 euro notes.
  3. Check the price in advance with the driver as many drivers you will stop at the street will not operate the taximeter.
  4. Standard taxis don’t come with a baby seat, but you can bring your own free of charge, they will have no issue to set it up for the ride.
  5. They will probably won’t use maps GPS as they know the best way to get you to your destination by experience.
  6. Pre book your taxi during the high season (mid June to mid September). It may be challenging to get a Rhodes airport taxi during high season and may result further delays to your trip.

Taxi to Kiotari from Rhodes Airport ?

Taxi to Kiotari : The distance between Rhodes airport to Kiotari is 60 km. Transfer to Kiotari is about 1 hour and 10mins hour Drive. Price for a taxi from Rhodes Airport to Kiotari starts at around 80-95 euros. Book now your transfer to Kiotari and Save time and Money.

How much is a taxi from Rhodes Airport to Rhodes town?

Prices for Rhodes Airport Taxis vary depending the company you book with. A fixed price is around 36 euros (pre booked reservations on our website). In case you wish to get a taxi from the taxi rank outside the airport then price may vary depending on the season, vehicle type, number of luggage, number of passengers and the exact location of you destination. It is advisable to pre book your transfer to Rhodes town.


Unlike most other Greek places, taxis in Rhodes use both set-fares and a taximeter to calculate the cost of your journey. Fares are regulated throughout the island. If you choose to take a taxi from a taxi rank, you will pay a set rate depending on where you are travelling in Rhodes. There will always be a board with all the current rates on it, so you can be sure of what you will roughly pay before entering the taxi. However the rates may differ in case you pick taxis from the rank outside the airport. That depends on the time of the day (night rates) the number of passengers and the number of luggage. Some examples are; from Rhodes town to the port 10€, to Springs of Kalithea 20€, to Lardos €70. If you hail a taxi from the street, you can ask the driver to use the taximeter although most will prefer to use or inform you what the price would be beforehand. Also most of the local taxi companies and hotels will add e small fee for the appointment, in case you wish to schedule one. The fee varies , usually not greater than 5 euros. With Rhodes Airport taxi you can be sure for what you will pay the fixed price, there will not be additional charges and you will receive baby seats. We can track down the driver in case of forgotten items inside the car and everything will be returned back to you!

Are there wheelchair accessible taxis in Rhodes?

Standard taxis will not offer wheelchair accessibility or wheelchair ramps. At Rhodes Airport Taxi we use station wagons and mini vans and mini buses, where you can fold and store the wheelchair, for free but you will not be able to stay in your chair for the journey. However we can direct to a specialists depending on the mobility issue. So feel free to contact us.




Comparison of transfer options on Rhodes Island

A bus to Rhodes town will cost you around 2.6 euros per passenger, total of 10.40 euros for a Family. Journey time around 50 mins. Availability of local bus, every 30 to 55 mins.
A Rhodes Airport taxi to Rhodes Town will cost you around 38 euros for a 20 mins journey directly to your hotel.

  1. Peace of mind.
    Our driver will wait for you. You don’t have to worry if there is an available taxi, if the driver knows where to take you or if ne might overcharge you.
  2. Comfort.
    Choose the vehicle that suit best your needs . Either you are traveling for leisure of business we provide all types of vehicles to meet your needs. From economy sedans to mini buses and luxury VIP vehicles.
  3. Safety.
    You can be assured that we will drive you to your destination with safety. All our drivers at Rhodes ISLANDER are monitored so there is no way to overspeed or drive recklessly.
  4. No waiting time.
    You just had a long trip, probably you had to wait your luggage for a while. Why risking waiting for the next available taxi under the hot sun? With free meet and greet service we will be waiting for you at the arrivals gate.
  5. Flexibility.
    Organize your Rhodes Airport TRANSFER based on your own needs and comfort. Avoid the long rides on the shuttle and arrange your own pick up and drop off.

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